connection between bunions and hammertoes
28Oct, 2015

The Connection Between Bunions and Hammertoes

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Bunions and hammertoes are two foot conditions that are often grouped together. Both are common reasons for consulting an orthopedic foot specialist, and both are frequently corrected with foot surgery when symptoms are severe. What you may not know is that bunions and hammertoes commonly occur together in the same foot, and are interrelated in terms of how they develop. Simply put, having a bunion makes it more likely that you’ll develop a hammertoe.   In this blog, orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon, Stuart Katchis, M.D., will describe the differences […]

patient after bunion surgery recovery
21Sep, 2015

What You Should Know About Bunion Surgery Recovery

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Bunions are a painful foot condition involving misalignment of the joint between the forefoot and the big toe. They are extremely common, especially among females. According to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, 55% of women suffer from them. Pain from bunions can seriously inhibit everyday activities and when left untreated, they become progressively worse. Surgery is highly successful in correcting the condition, but unfortunately many people put it off due to the assumption that bunion surgery recovery will mean months off of their feet. However, this is not […]

what to know when considering bunion surgery in NYC
17Aug, 2015

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Bunion Surgery in NYC

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Bunions can be an extremely uncomfortable condition and for some, surgery may be the best option to achieve long-term relief. Orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon, Stuart Katchis, M.D., is a leader in treating bunions and performing bunion correction surgeries. He has helped hundreds of patients get back on their feet pain-free with remarkable results.   If you are considering bunion surgery in NYC, here’s a look at Dr. Katchis’ answers to the most frequently asked questions.   1) What are bunions? A bunion is a foot condition caused by misalignment […]

woman back on her feet running after bunion surgery
29Apr, 2015

How to Treat Bunions With Less Elevation Time

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If you’re suffering from a bunion and evaluating your treatment options, a major factor in the decision-making process has to do with recovery time. In fact, many individuals procrastinate and put off surgery for months or even years based upon this consideration, which traditionally could range from six weeks to six months and require plenty of elevation time.   Fortunately, there’s a new way to treat bunions that gets you back on your feet much faster – so fast that most patients can actually bear weight on the affected foot […]

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